Post-Ohio celebratory beers!


We won!!!!!!


Marie Celeste office….everyone is at the polls!


It’s all over!

What a day! Manic. Door-hangering at 5.30am, diverting people from closed voting sites to open ones, keeping people in queues, knocking on doors. Wow!

Now for the long tense wait for the results. Eeeeeek!

E-day update

20 minutes until the polls close- come on Nevada!!!!!


We have made it! This has been a tough few days, but now we are ready to go! We have a 5.30am start time…but managed somehow to get out of the office by 10.30pm tonight. The volunteers are ready to canvass, the drivers are ready to drive and most importantly – my Obama t-shirt and jumper arrived in the post today! I am branded-up and ready to go.
I will try to take as many photos as possible of the election day/night as it progresses. It is slightly terrifying but also really exciting. Can’t wait to see those long lines outside polling stations…


Volunteers to drive voters to the polls having their evening briefing. Fired up. Ready to drive!


Jamba juice in the office to keep me going!


Getting things ready – final day!!


Mother and daughter team Obama!!