Welcome to maisie meets world

As many of you will already know, last week I finally returned to London after a two-month adventure in the USA working on the Obama campaign. Thank you to all of you who followed my Obamarama! blog (the posts are still available to read below) and who sent me messages of support!


Once the campaign was over I decided to stay in the USA for a few more weeks. I spent 10 days in Berkeley CA, soaking up the liberal progressivism of the town (which mainly involved me sitting in indie cafes drinking coffee and trying to look intellectual) whilst genuine intellectuals got on with their daily lives around me.


I also took the opportunity to get fit and healthy after 7 weeks of solid work, doughnut-eating and caffeine consumption. Berkeley is certainly the place to detox. Plenty of delicious fresh food and fresh air. I carried on with my NHS choices ‘Couch to 5K’ running plan – I’m sure my virtual coach Laura never imagined coaxing me round the grand athletic track of UC Berkeley!


Whilst away I also wrote a couple of articles about my experience on the campaign, one of which was published by the Guardian ‘Comment is Free’. It’s still available for a read here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/nov/21/obama-2012-election-ground-game-won-nevada

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