Here we go!

Days until the election: 5

LAST DAY of early voting

Now it’s really starting to feel close…very exciting and terrifying at the same time. We were given our timetables for the next five days this evening – I’ve never seen anything like it. Let’s just say, sleeping in my clothes or sleeping at/under my desk will almost certainly happen at some point!

POTUS came to North Las Vegas today (my hood!) but unfortunately I spent the time knocking on doors! I’m sure it was a far better use of my time, but as I got shouted at yet again on a doorstep, I was quite jealous of those who were being pepped-up by the man himself at the rally. A colleague mentioned that canvassing at this point in the campaign is similar to being a missionary – you encounter lots of hostility, some apathy, and the odd energising conversion!

As the last of the early voters head to the polls tomorrow, we will be mentally, physically and above all administratively preparing ourselves for the final stage of GOTV (getting out the vote). It will be like starting a completely new job for four days only. I can’t wait, but I’m already completely exhausted so I’m not sure where the extra energy is going to come from. Lollypops, bananas and coffee just don’t seem to be cutting it anymore!



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