Days until the election: 6

Day 13 of early vote

It seems as though Halloween in Las Vegas is the same as in the UK, just bigger! Small children had pillow-cases full of sweets that they could barely drag behind them, and the decorations on the outside of the houses were full-on.

Canvassing whilst the rest of the sane world is trick-or-treating was fairly bizarre. Houses were either totally shut-up with lights off (i.e. anti-halloween) or bright and decorated with the door open and sweets in buckets outside. I felt equally uneasy approaching both type of house, secure in the knowledge that no-one wanted to talk about politics! My colleague insisted that we dressed up and went out nevertheless – I wore a huge Hawaiin-style flower garland and she wore a sparkly spider dress. Ridiculous. Nothing like have a serious conversation about the importance of exercising one’s right to vote whilst dressed like that.

I did manage to convince two people to vote whilst out today, which feels like a big victory in Nevada where every single vote really counts. Neither of them liked politics, but I think I managed to get them a little more engaged with the importance of this election. I also found myself canvassing alongside a Romney version of myself today. After tailing each other for about 10 minutes we finally passed on the pavement. I wasn’t sure of the social etiquette in that situation, and from the look on his face neither was he! He ended up saying ‘Hi there’ and I said ‘Hi’ back. How anti-climactic!

POTUS is back in Vegas tomorrow. Not sure I’ll have the chance to see him speak this time (better off getting people to the polls at this point I think), but you never know!



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