Final stretch

Days until the election: 7

Day 12 of early vote

The election is just around the corner now and the pace is notching up even further. I’ve been warned that this will be my last ‘early’ night (I left the office at 10pm) so I’m bracing myself for the next week! It’s a great atmosphere now as things are coming together for the final stretch – although everyone is getting really tired. Conversations in the office are becoming increasingly random and I keep tripping over things and knocking things over. The good news is the Algerian cafe round the corner from my office has started giving me free coffee as I’ve become a regular. I don’t know what I’d do without caffeine!

I canvassed for about 6 hours today and managed to get stung by poison ivy, my colleague got unwittingly caught up in a drugs bust by parking her car in front of a house the police were surveying, and I got cornered by a gang of small children on mini scooters who wouldn’t let me go until I answered a series of endless questions. Their Dad sat in the front garden, next to his Romney/Ryan yard sign, with a very disapproving look!

Politico have an article on how to campaign in the wake of a disaster today It will be interesting to see how both candidates approach the storm and integrate it into the final days of their campaigns…

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