Just keep getting out that vote!

Days until the election: 8

Day 11 of early vote

Today I canvassed again for most of the day – winter seems to be over in Las Vegas (that was quick!) as it was an absolute scorcher again. I hit about 90 doors and was terrified by about 20 pitbulls. Luckily they were all behind gates, but I still jump back a couple of feet every time one barks and snarls at me – the thought of one of those gates giving way is just so terrifying.

Hurricane Sandy is making itself felt here as many of my colleagues have friends and family on the East Coast. It is also having an as yet unknown impact on voting and on both campaigns in certain areas. We will wait to see what tomorrow brings. Meanwhile I will continue to upload photos from the last week!

There is an interesting article in the Guardian today about the importance of the Latino vote in Nevada: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/oct/29/romney-campaign-latino-voters-nevada



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