Days until the election: 9

Day 10 of early vote

Today we started work at 7am and the first three hours were absolutely manic. At 10.30am I managed to finally take 2 minutes outside the office in the car park to get some ‘fresh’ air before another 2 crazy hours. We had volunteers imported from California canvassing for us this weekend so there were endless tasks to keep them in the right place and knowing what to do!

I then went out for a very colourful canvassing shift myself. Another staff member and I took out a new volunteer to a huge apartment complex in central Las Vegas. Not only was it almost impossible to find your way around the place (there were no maps and over 30 buildings with 2 floors on each) but there were also some very interesting residents. Things I saw during the 3 hours we were there included:

i) several drug deals, not even vaguely discreetly carried out. I also knocked on the door of what appeared to be a drug den at one point! They were very friendly, but laughed when I asked if any of them were eligible to vote. In Nevada many felons have their voting rights taken away even after they have served their sentence.

ii) a mother driving her car through the car park with three tiny children sitting on the bonnet. All the children were under the age of 5. We all just froze in horror and watched her park. The children loved the ride and she has promised to vote early though, so it’s not all bad!

iii) many tiny weeny dogs with HUGE owners. That seems to be a fashion here.

iv) plenty of people, when asked if they would consider volunteering with the campaign, just shouting ‘VOTE OBAMA’ at the top of their voices. It seems that is deemed more effective in this apartment complex than door-knocking or telephone calls. If only they had known that, millions could have been saved on attack ads!

Luckily the volunteer we brought with us was up for the challenge and not off-put by all the craziness around us. I wonder if she will ever come back?!

Tomorrow I don’t start work until 8am! When that became a lie-in I’m not sure – this campaign will alter my sleeping pattern forever. ‘Farewell’ to the era of post-glandular fever naps, ‘hello’ to 16-hour work days!

Finally, the maker of Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s contribution to the campaign: Watch out for Mitt Zomney!


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  1. That stuff about the children on the bonnet is Amazing!!! Xxxx

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