Catch-up with POTUS

Days until the election: 10

Day 9 of early vote

Stuart has been visiting since my last blog entry. He had been on the campaign in Chicago and Ohio and came to visit me in Vegas for some ‘R and R’. Instead we had a pretty relentless schedule including seeing Obama speak (!!), visiting the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon.

The POTUS event on Wednesday evening was incredible – definitely the highlight of my trip so far. The rally had 13,000 people and Stuart and I were give VIP tickets that are normally reserved for large scale campaign donors and super volunteers! We felt very smug skipping the mile-long queue, only to find that our tickets were in the pocket of the State Director who was, predictably, totally impossible to find. He was most likely greeting Obama off Airforce 1 at the time we needed the tickets! Luckily I knew some of the staff so we managed to sneak in without tickets, and even made it into the VIP pen (right behind Obama’s podium) by a mixture of bluffing and recognizing staff members at critical moments!

The event was AMAZING. After standard speeches from the Congressional and Senate candidates, Katy Perry ( got the party started with a concert. She even wore a skin-tight plastic dress with newspaper-print about the election on the front! Then after a tense wait, Obama himself appeared and made a spellbinding speech. There was plenty of shouting ‘Fired up! Ready to go!’ and ‘Four more years’ – very American and utterly exhilarating to be there. I will put up some pictures soon!

I discovered later that my boss had nominated me to be in ‘the clutch’ – the small group of people who are personally introduced to the President before an event – but that it didn’t come through as I don’t have a US social security number. So near but yet so far!


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