‘Driving’ this election forward

Days until the election: 15

Day 2 of early vote

Today I was assigned to a different satellite office so my commute was a little longer than just going down the stairs into the front room! It didn’t take too long to get there though as I now have my new rental car to buzz around in. The first few hours in the office were very hectic as everything had to be prepared for canvassers to set off at 9am. I also trained the volunteers in voter protection issues before they set off, teaching them about issues they should watch out for and report.

My next challenge was to drive a volunteer to the other side of the city to go canvassing. My route looked like this: Lone Mountain Plaza to Emerald Idol Pl, Henderson, NV 89011 – Google Maps

As you can see, this was more or less the longest drive you can do in Las Vegas, and involved plenty of time on an enormous motorway which split numerous times and had countless crazy drivers who cut across four lanes with no advance warning! Luckily my passenger was a Las Vegas native so she could direct me to some extent. I managed to keep a calm exterior (I hope) so as not to scare her, but by the time I’d driven there and back as well as canvass 40 doors in the sun, I was exhausted!

Obama (or POTUS as they call him here) is coming to the city for a rally on Wednesday night. Today my boss told me that I must be around that evening and winked…which I am taking to mean that I’m going to the event! In what capacity I will be going (working or guest) I don’t yet know. Hearing Bill Clinton speak the week before last was so much fun, so I can’t wait.

Meanwhile the press are still keeping us on our toes. This Washington Post article gave me a cold sweat this morning as I was preparing for another long day in the field:


Saturday Night Live’s take on the second Presidential debate is also worth a look! http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-fix/wp/2012/10/21/saturday-night-live-on-the-second-presidential-debate/

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