Days until the election: 16

The polls opened this morning and there were queues outside many of them. This is unprecedented for early vote sites and shows how well we have done our jobs in Las Vegas. It’s the Obama campaign that has been asking everyone to vote early. This is just the beginning though – we need to get every single registered Democrat to the polls in the next 8 days in order to clinch the State!

We had some wonderful first-time volunteers come into our satellite office today including two 10 year old girls who were unbelievably enthusiastic! They dragged their parents to 40 doors each and still had energy to do gymnastics on the lawn when they got back. I also took a high school boy canvassing this afternoon – he spent most of the time texting, but managed to convince some people to vote in between texts! Our regulars are hardcore as ever, even elderly volunteers canvassed in the midday sun.

The Californians have now invaded Nevada proper. Hundreds of them are killing-it by knocking on doors and making phone calls – what a relief to have them finally. They’ll go home again on Sunday night but will be back again next weekend – whoop!!

We start at 7.30am tomorrow and will work until around midnight tonight (having started at 7.45am). As a result I am a bit of a zombie. I still had just enough energy to drive a rental car back from the ‘strip’ to North Las Vegas this morning. It was quite something trying to follow someone down a busy motorway on the wrong side of the road!

Finally, check up the politico round-up of this week’s comedy TV on the campaign:


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