Here we go!

Days until the election: 17

Days until early vote begins in Nevada: 0

This is it. We spent the day decorating our new field office (in my house!) and getting everything completely ready for the first day of voting in Las Vegas! Tonight when we went back to the main office to finish off preparations it felt like the night before a huge battle – there was a strange calmness and buzz of excitement as everyone prepared the materials that volunteers will be using in the morning. It’s the field effort that will win this State in the next two weeks and we can feel that tangibly now.

There’s a real determination and willingness to work 24/7 for the next 17 days in order to make sure that the next four years take American forwards rather than backwards. Even my phone calls were easier today – loads of volunteers came out of the woodwork – saying they’ll come in at 9am tomorrow and bring friends, family and even colleagues! I can’t wait for my front room to fill up in the morning, it’s going to be so exciting to launch them all over the city. Now it feels like the famous ‘social movement’ that emerged 2008.

The man himself is retaining his sense of humour despite the campaign mania – his latest speech on Romnesia is pretty hilarious:

Time for some much needed sleep now, our 13 hour work days are about to ramp up significantly from tomorrow…


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