Subprime canvassing

Days until the election: 19

Today was a big push on phone calls. I cannot even explain how many I made – I think it was close to 400! By the end I was just a robot asking the same questions again and again – totally numb to those who were rude to me. It’s still a great feeling when somebody is enthusiastic on the end of the phone though, and thanks you for your work! Those moments get you through all the catty comments and people hanging-up on you.

This afternoon I also experienced the housing crisis in the US. The neighbourhood that we canvassed had so many repossessed houses it was unbelievable. About 1 in 4 houses were vacant and had repossession notices on the front door. We asked a resident what had been going on – he said that the houses were selling for $200,000 around 7 years ago, and now you could barely sell one for $70,000. It’s such a sad sight, these huge family homes empty when you know that homeless shelters in Las Vegas are overflowing. Seeing that shell of a neighbourhood brought the subprime mortgage crisis to light for me. Terribly sad.

On a brighter note – when I got home this evening after work at about 11pm, my landlord was busy cleaning his guns. Nothing better than seeing an array of pistols and other weaponry strewn all over the sofa after a long day at work! Just in case I ever forget that I’m in America…

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