Binders full of women

Days until the election: 20

In my opinion Obama was great in the debate this evening. I’m not a massive fan of the theatrical debate scenario, but I still wanted him to win them nonetheless. Seeing him pick apart Romney on every offensive, glib or just plain wrong statement certainly motivated me to go out there tomorrow and make sure that Obama wins Nevada. Even if my feet are still sore and I’m sick to death of saying ‘My name is Maisie and I’m with the Obama campaign. Do you know about Early Voting?’ Aaargh.

Today I managed to explain to a girl who thought she wasn’t registered to vote, that in fact she was. Nevada is such a tight race at the moment (according to the polls anyway) that I view every potential voter that I manage to facilitate getting to the polls as a win! I have a new red team t-shirt to sport when I go out canvassing now as well, which seems to be going down well. It’s huge, and more of a dress than a t-shirt, but I don’t care!

I found a couple of funny election websites today. This one speaks for itself I think:

And this blog is based on a comment that Romney made in the debate when talking about equal pay for women. Here’s the clip of him making this comment: and here is the resulting website ‘Binders Full of Women’:

Made me chuckle!

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