Sore feet and suncream

Days until the election: 21

Today was my first double-shift of canvassing. The first shift was in an apartment complex with seemingly no logic to the numbering of different blocks and endless stairs! It felt as though every time I found the right building, thinking I’d made it, I was then on the wrong side of the building. After two hours in over 30 degree heat it started to feel like a bit of a nightmare.

But each time you explain to someone how, when and where they can vote it all suddenly seems worthwhile. Even if that person is only wearing pants, has no teeth and a dog that is trying to bite you! In the end I had to borrow a colleague’s spare trainers because my converse had become so sore in the heat. Her feet were at least 2 sizes bigger than mine though so I looked like a clown!

There are amazing moments though. A lady told me that she didn’t vote and hadn’t registered to do so – but that in the last few weeks she had realised how tight the race is going to be in Nevada and she was regretting not having registered. I told her that she could still register in person with the County Clerk, but that tomorrow was the last day! I managed to find a colleague and get her the address. She was so excited, saying ‘Wow, I am just so happy you knocked on my door. I will register in the morning and vote for Obama next week!’. That was a nice feeling, especially given the likelihood that winning this State could come down to a tiny number of votes…

Looking forward to tomorrow’s Presidential Debate #2 tomorrow. I’m confident BO will smash it!


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  1. His initials are unfortunate. It means Body Odour to my generation! The debate isn’t being televised in the UK so I’ll have to wait for the newspapers.

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