Bark not bite

Days until the election: 22

Today I was mainly working from the home-office again. I made countless phone calls, prepared clipboards for canvassers and generally ran the satellite field office for most of the day. I managed to get some real canvassing in myself as well – the mini Las Vegas winter appears to be over already (lasted 2 days!) so it was baking hot again this afternoon as I pounded the pavements.

Canvassing today was very gratifying as none of the people that I talked to knew where to go to early vote (which starts next Saturday!) so I feel like it was worth getting out there and spreading the word. At times it can be quite a stressful experience – I found the preponderance of scary, barking dogs the worst. Every time I approached a door with a ‘beware of the dog’ sticker I braced myself! I used to feel similarly tense when doing voter registration and approaching someone who answered the description of a Romney supporter. Today, as then, it seemed that more often than not it’s all bark and no bite.

There was an interesting article in the Guardian about the election in Las Vegas today:

I haven’t had much to do with this aspect of the election as yet, apart from sometimes bumping into Union activists when out canvassing. It’s a fascinating and unique dimension to the campaign here in Las Vegas, and reading this made all my long hours of phone calls and door-knocking seem very, very worthwhile!



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  1. That’s really encouraging about Union workers. I hope it works!!!

    Hey, dunno if you saw this – This American singer tweeted an informal poll (5 Qs) about health insurance yday and loaaaads of people responded. Lots of individual stories, lots of comparable stats…

    Keep going Moo, it all sounds exciting!

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