When my house became my office

Days until the election: 23

Today the front room of the house where I am staying became a satellite office from which we will be launching volunteers to canvass in the area. This seemed like a really good idea when it was suggested – at least my commuting time would be reduced! Turns out there are many downsides to having a campaign office in my house. These include:

i) The house is full of people, clip boards, signs, water bottles, rogue post-its and other annoying office parafernalia.

ii) I noticed how exhausted I am from working 13hrs a day, 7 days a week and kept wanting to sneak upstairs for a quick nap.

iii) I felt the urge to clear up at 11pm and will probably start sorting things at 8am in the morning!

iv) The owner of the house was having friends over to watch wrestling and drink beers in the afternoon – the sound of which was an interesting background to my calls to supporters asking if they would like to volunteer on the campaign!

Overall we had a good day though, and I even managed to knock on a few doors myself in the evening. Some Americans are so security conscious: at one house I set of an alarm just approaching the front door even thought the owner was in!

In other news, I have discovered another blog about what it is like to be on a democratic campaign at: http://campaignsick.tumblr.com/ This one is hilarious if you’re working in a field office like me – but may be a little nerdy for general consumption! Also thanks to Mark for these longing looks from Romney: http://imgur.com/a/f8PrH

Tonight I am trying ‘Spicy Pumpkin Ale’ in honour of impending halloween. What is it with me and my ill advised themed drinks?!



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