Another day in Vegas

Days until the election: 24

Today, aside from my usual campaign canvassing and phone calls, I also did loads of furniture lugging. I carried boxes of tables, chairs, paper, bins and huge amounts of stationary up stairs and down stairs and into and out of cars. I’m not the strongest person in the world and by the end I couldn’t type because my hands were so shaky from the lifting. This campaigning lifestyle is hardcore! Collecting the furniture did, however, entail driving down the famous Las Vegas ‘strip’ for the first time which was a hilarious experience. People call it Disneyland for adults and I can see why. What ridiculous place!

This evening (after moving office furniture until 10.30pm) my housemate took me out for a birthday drink…and obligatory video poker! Welcome to Las Vegas. Of course I lost the dollar that he put in as my starting bet – that’s right I’m a big hitter! Fun though. Getting a lift back in his friend’s super fast sports car was also a birthday treat.


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