Birthday – campaign stylee

Days until the election: 25

Today it was my 26th birthday. My first thought when I woke up this morning was that I’m more than half way to 30 (Bridget Jones step aside!) but I soon got over it when the mundane realisation that I had to do some washing and get ready for another 13-hour work day kicked in!

When I got to work my colleagues had surprised me by decorating my desk, getting me presents (including a huge box of Tetley’s tea!) and buying a huge bag of delicious bagels for breakfast! It was so kind of them, especially as I’ve only been there for 10 days.

There was loads going on today including a big training for volunteer canvassers and a debate-watching party for the VP debate. Of course I thought that Joe Biden absolutely smashed it this evening but I await the media verdict in the morning. My team also bought me a huge red velvet cake which was presented at the end of the party. Yummo.

The work day ended with a little drama as Nevada has decided to have winter today, which mainly consists of huge thunder storms with heavy rain and plenty of thunder and lightening. Our office building appears not to have been built for rain…and immediately began to leak through the ceiling in numerous places. We spent the last hour of the day wrapping electrics in plastic, putting buckets under drips and moving computers under desks! Apparently our office got off lightly – some of our Las Vegas colleagues were totally flooded this evening. I really don’t understand desert weather.

Overall a great birthday – topped off by finding flowers in my room sent by my Dad when I got home. Thanks Dad!


3 responses

  1. Hello there,

    Just wanted to wish you a Big (American style) happy birthday!! Sounds like it was a fun though busy day for you. Glad to see that your commitment to Obama extends to working on your birthday.

    Naa xx


  2. Happy birthday Maisie! I hope despite being extremely busy, you had time to celebrate your 26th. It’s often been said that deserts suffer extreme weather conditions….you would think that they’d have weatherproofed they’re property’s by now!

  3. Hey, Maisie!
    Happy birthday!! ( sorry for being late )
    I hope you’re having an amazing time over there.

    Adina and Andreea.

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