Get out the frikkin vote!

Days until the election: 26

I can’t believe it’s 26 days until the election and only a week before the start of early voting here in Nevada! It only seems like yesterday when I was still in London and it was over 40 days until ‘E-day’ as they call it over here.

I spent most of the day in GOTV training today – that means Get Out The Vote! I felt particularly foreign during the training. The format was similar to what we would have in the UK: icebreakers, interactive learning, role-playing exercises etc. The difference was, however, that everybody was confident at public speaking and there was no moaning or groaning about what we were asked to do. In fact, everyone got into it with such gusto that I felt like the quiet and shy one – which is pretty unusual for me! People were jumping to their feet to read things out, offering to present first and even giving extra examples when asked. I was shocked.

I made a pretty classic European mistake today as well – a colleague picked me up on the way to training and asked me to direct her to the venue using her iphone map. I just put in the name of the street and took it from there. Once we arrived at the street, it soon became clear the it was miles and miles and literally MILES long. I had naively not put in the number of the building we needed thinking that we would ‘see it’ when we arrived. Whoops. She was very kind about it…but I felt like a right numpty.

I also feel like a numpty drinking yet another one of my minging blueberry lagers this evening! I don’t want them go to waste but they really are so sweet. Urgh.

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  1. Happy Birthday Maisie – treat yourself to a non-disgusting drink.

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