Days until the election: 27

Today I was working the President Clinton rally in Las Vegas. The weather was, as ever, scorching and my job was to ‘work the line’ in the three hours before the event began.

Me standing in front of Bill’s podium! The goofy hat was a necessity in this weather!

This involved handing out literally hundreds of water bottles, leaflets, answering questions and of course explaining that I am from England about a MILLION times. A man in the queue also nicknamed me ‘pinky’ because I was going so pink in the heat! There was a high school marching band and cheerleaders to entertain the queue which was totally hilarious. Apparently swaying whilst playing the tuba in a huge feathered hat is pretty standard in the US!

Eventually I made it into the packed main auditorium to hear Senator Harry Reid (Senate Majority Leader) and Congresswoman Shelley Berkely (running for the Senate) give opening speeches. I was excited to hear Bill Clinton, but was unprepared for what a truly brilliant speaker he is. I was particularly surprised by how funny he was – even joking about spending time alone now Hillary has ‘this travelling kinda job’ and attacking extreme Republicanism with such a light touch.

Before he spoke I was so hot and exhausted that I really wasn’t sure it was all going to be worth it, but really it was! I only wish I can also go to a POTUS (Obama) or FLOTUS) Michelle rally as well…maybe now I’m just getting greedy!

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