Good evening Nevada

Days until the election: 28

After last night’s ER drama, I had a slightly later start and managed to fit in my second Las Vegas run thanks to NHS Choices ‘Couch to 5k’. The weather is cooling down here slightly so it only feels a bit like running in the desert!

Lots happened today. In no particular order:

i) I went to train for the Bill Clinton rally tomorrow. My job isn’t exactly glamorous (handing water to people in the queue) – but there will be a marching band and I’m guaranteed a place to watch his speech. Fired up and ready to…hand out water!!!

ii) Our region got coverage in Politico (major US politics publication) about our voter registration efforts. Read all about it here:

iii) I got to give the daily statewide update on the conference call – mainly because they find my accent funny! My ‘good evening Nevada’ must have sounded shocking compared to the standard ‘what’s uuuuup Nevada?!’

iv) I drank blueberry beer. FYI it isn’t very nice. I was led astray because pumpkin beer here is yummy. I won’t be buying that again!

Can’t wait for the Clinton rally tomorrow afternoon…just need to iron my dress and put on plenty of that Factor 30, it’s going to be hot our there!


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  1. Just found your blog for the first time – amazing! It helped momentarily ease my American home sickness. I know NY state is a world away from Nevada, but I did go through the state back in May. Main memory is of being questioned by an undercover cop inside my train cabin in Reno! Very jealous you’ll see Clinton. I entered a lottery to watch his speech when he spoke in our theatre at Eastman last year, so sadly didn’t get anything. How long are you out there for? Keep updating and enjoying yourself – hope it’s more adrenaline than stress when it gets closer to election time. (Also, I started running with couch-to-5k, it really works!) Sophie xx

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