Pause for breath

Days until election: 29

Today we had the morning off (during which I ate the aforepictured massive pancake) and also went for a ‘run’. This mainly involved darting from shadow to shadow on the roads around my house as I’d left my suncream at work but was determined to get some exercise. I think the neighbours who were all out washing their cars, think I’m the rather odd now!

We spent the afternoon in the office clearing up and entering the last bits of data whilst singing along to a variety of American classics at full volume. Mexican for dinner, where the waiter tried to sell my colleague a $60 shot of tequila! Drama ensued as another colleague fell ill at the table and I spent the graveyard shift (10pm-midnight) waiting for her to be seen in the ER.

I was very excited to be in a real ER after my many years of watching the eponymous TV show…but sadly neither Dr Carter nor George Clooney were in evidence tonight. Instead I watched a really scary detective show on the waiting room TV which was peppered by election ‘attack ads’. I’m so glad that kind of political advertising doesn’t go on in the UK, it’s really toxic.



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