Phase 1 complete!

Days left until the election: 30

Voter registration in Nevada is now over. Phew! I only did it for 6 days and I’m totally exhausted – I can’t imagine how those who have been doing it for a year must be feeling.

We had a massive final push – Las Vegas was crawling with Obama staff and volunteers, it was really exciting. I managed to get a couple of first time voters to register which is always the most gratifying. There’s nothing better than talking to someone who is proud to be about to vote for the first time – it makes all the long hours feel worthwhile.

Whilst working at the bus station I also met an  elderly German couple who were on holiday. The husband told me all about how he had been a POW in Scotland. I couldn’t believe it when they told me they were both over 90 – they looked amazing and were so energetic!

This afternoon our volunteers were addressed by Michael Blake who is a senior campaign staffer and part of the close Obama team. He was the most amazing public speaker – his speech almost sounded like verse and he revved everybody up for their final shifts of registration. I chatted to him afterwards and turns out all his cousins live in Peckham!!





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  1. Hi Maisie really interesting stuff! Hope you bought a hat and are using factor 50 lotion to keep out those rays! Have you tracked down Elton John yet? Did yoga this morning with james who was v flexible!
    LOL Margaret X

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