The big push…

Days until the election: 31

Today was another exhausting one – registered people in the field from 9am until 8pm and finally left the office at 11pm after entering stacks of data.

I had some fascinating conversations with voters and even inadvertently set off a fierce political debate outside a chicken shop! A Romney supporter also called Obama a ‘socialist marxist’ and asked how I could support him when I come from socialist England where the system is totally failing. ‘If your 75 year old Grandma needs a double hip replacement in the UK, they just won’t do it!’ he told me. When I replied that my Grandma had had both of her knees replaced on the NHS he went rather quiet.

Another lady told me she was planning on voting for Obama until the debate but that his performance had ‘broken her heart’. I thought that was rather dramatic and spent a few minutes trying to convince her to reignite her loyalty for him. The conversation was unfortunately brought to an abrupt end when her drive-thru fried chicken was ready!

Also whilst out registering today my colleague was asked if she is pregnant (she clearly not) and I was asked if I am Russian. Random.


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