Clear eyes, full hearts – CAN’T LOSE!!

Days until the election: 32

Today was another mad one in the office and out getting the last cohort of voters registered before the Saturday deadline. We had penetrated the city so well that it was hard to find somewhere to stop and register that wasn’t already being manned – incredibly impressive given the size of Las Vegas and the sheer number of strip malls there are here!

My colleague and I came up with a novel plan in our evening shift – we approached people in the queue for drive-in fast food! It worked really well: there was nowhere people could go (they’re sitting in a traffic jam!) and no way of saying they were in a rush and had no time.

Lots of people asked about last night’s debate. I think this article is the best I’ve read so far about the debate strategy:

Of course it’s disappointing – but the negative press coverage has just renewed our motivation to register voters and raise awareness in the remaining few weeks!

Meanwhile our region came top today in the daily round-up of voters registered and commitments to vote for Obama – so we shouted our office motto ‘Clear eyes, full hearts – CAN’T LOSE!!’ extra loud on our statewide conference call this evening. So American. Love it.


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