Debate night #1

Days until the election: 33

Another long day of voter registration in soaring temperatures – I was registering people outside a beauty supply shop for 2 hours in 37 degree heat! My colleague and I ducked away for a yummy lunch of soul food afterwards though – fried catfish, candied yams and mac & cheese. That’s right, I really am in the USA!

It was a big day in the election calendar as the first presidential debate was aired live at 6.30pm. We had a debate party in our office for local teams of community volunteers. They brought loads of delicious food and shouted at the TV enthusiastically throughout. Everytime Romney quoted his ‘plan’ they all chorused ‘what plan? Show us your plan!’ (I posted a photo earlier). One supporter also made CDs for all the staff called ‘Debate Chant Down’ which was the reggae soundtrack to our evening!

After a good few hours of data entry I finally made it home tired, but ready for another day battling the heat to get those voters enfranchised and ready to go!

Finally, check out this video – made us laugh in the office…


One response

  1. Missed the debate, but watched the reviews. Plenty of time to go. Loved the video, & loving your food too ( in French Canada I’m now eating snails!)

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