Voter Registration

Days until the election: 34

Voter registration in Nevada closes on 6 October so I have arrived here in the final push to get as many people registered as possible. Today I spent 5 hours registering – at the post office, the supermarket and even at a petrol station! It’s quite a skill to flag people down and get them through a complex form with total accuracy really fast. It’s also incredibly hot here at the moment adding to the challenge of standing outside registering. Note to self – I must buy a hat!

It’s interesting how big a role religion plays in politics over here. On being asked to register to vote today, one lady replied ‘theocracy is my politics’! Big idea for a supermarket car park and hard to respond to. I opted for ‘well, have a nice day then!’.

It’s so busy here you barely notice that hours have gone by…and I even forget to eat meals. For those of you that know me well, forgetting a meal is frankly unprecedented!



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