Las Vegas so far…

Days until the election: 35

Yesterday was a very long day. After 12 hours of flying (with a 5am start!) I arrived in Las Vegas mid-afternoon. Even the baggage collection hall is coated in neon adverts and there are slot machines in the arrival gates. I stood there like a zombie waiting for my suitcase as adverts boomed at me!

My campaign colleague picked me up and drove me across the city to some potential ‘supporter’ housing. Many campaign staff lodge with Obama supporters during the campaign. Unfortunately mine wasn’t ideal, so we ended up having to rethink and do a suitcase-rescue a few hours later. Another campaign staffer really kindly took my home and put me up for the night…I think she could sense I was tired to the point of insanity!

Today I’ve been getting stuck in – learning how to make phone calls and how all the complex systems work. Really technical. I also got the chance to register voters outside the local Walmart. My Englishness seems to be going down quite well so far – I’ve had some confused looks but one man told me he’d fill in a form just because he liked my accent! Turns out I am having a (tiny) impact on this HUGE campaign!

Sorry for the lack of photos thus far – I will try and put some up tomorrow…


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